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little BRIAGE animation

BRIAGE is a Blender Add-on which allows its users to export animations and meshes into a DTG Train Simulator 20XX compatible format.

Since November 2015, I worked on Dom107's exporter to give it a new UI and extend its features. I learned Python on the job and added this :

    1. Blender Interfaces:
      • UI panel for materials (properties>material)
      • UI panel for textures (properties>textures)
      • UI panel for IGS export options (properties>scene)
      • UI panel for IA export options (properties>scene)
      • UI pop-ups about common export mistakes (+prints short logs to Blender system console)
      • UI panel to select TS directory (user prefs>addons)
      • All options packed into *.blend file: no more IGS_mod_file!

    2. Materials options
      • Shader list imported dynamically from TS
      • Non-listed shaders may be used (ex: TrainBump.fx)
      • retro-compatibility with old shader system
      • Comment driven behaviors options available
      • "UV scroll" option available

    3. Textures options
      • Texture paths can be overridden individually on export
      • Texture paths can be taken directly from Blender image path

    4. Export options
      • Exports vertex weights and armatures (IGS and IA)
      • Exports vertex colors
      • Exports object color
      • Exports Snap-points
      • Exports Blender duplis
      • Multiple animation hierarchies supported on export
      • Textures can now be placed also in parent and sibling directories
      • Texts, curves, meta and surfaces are automatically converted on export if they have 1 material
      • Number of texture slots checked for common shaders
      • Saved per scene (allows multiple IGS options to be stored in one *.blend; useful when exporting objects with skinned parts!...)

All performace problems have been fixed, it is even faster than its original implementation or his Max counterpart!

A detailed manual is included in pdf format within the downloaded archives in English and French. You may even send your translation to the current maintainer for inclusion in main distribution!

If you like this product, help me develop my work further by pulling a few financial strings for me!
Donate following how much you like BRIAGE! :

This product is freeware, hence donations are not mandatory.
Donations are still heavily encouraged for ones planing on using this software for commercial purposes.

Don't hesitate also to support platforms which made this whole story possible:
-> railsim-fr.com
-> UKtrainsim.com


background image of a station in Train Simulator with an incoming metro train